Sat., June 5, 2010
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Speaker: Don Martinez MCC, MNLP
Keller Graduate School of Management / DeVry University (Long Beach Center)
3880 Kilroy Airport Way, Room 224
Long Beach, CA 90806
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or call 714-674-0391

Speakers: Daniel Vicario and Dennis Varnum

Career Principles and Applied Methods Of “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”

PMI-OC is proud to present Daniel Vicario and Dennis Varnum will be speaking on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. They will discuss how organizational change can be brought about using the model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behaviour and the subjective experiences underlying them. They will explore how neuro-lingustic re-programming can help people become self-aware, learn effective communication styles, and change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour.

Presentation topics will include:

Principles for Success
The Unconscious Mind
Presuppositions of NLP
The NLP Communication Model
Sensory Acuity; Calibration ~ Observing other people
Rapport and representational systems
Representational system profiling
Attendees will work individually and in teams to perform exercises designed to measure and then manage constraints in the areas of:

Learn their Representation Profile
How to build rapport utilizing Calibration, Pacing & Leading
In Brand Promotional activities
Making formal presentations to sell, Communication, Interviewing styles and your 30 Second Pitch
Direct face-to-face selling
Client interviews to get information
Selection interviews for hiring
Making survey calls to generate interest
Letters, memos, or conversations to influence
Direct mail or brochures to create interest
In phone solicitation or telemarketing
Handouts to help keep a prospect interested 


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Interviewing with Power ® with Don Martinez
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The Difference between opportunity and Career Success

Don Martinez a Career Expert is presenting an Interactive Interviewing Training called Interviewing with power,
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Interviewing with Power helps professionals with the following benefits:
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Mastering the Art Communication

Mastering the Art of Communication, Top Universities such as the University of Irvine Executive MBA Alumni Association,
Pepperdine University, California State University Los Angeles and The University of Redlands have recognized the value of strong communications skills.

Don Martinez teaches the fundamentals and technique of becoming a masterful communicator.
No matter if you are a recent college Graduate, MBA, Professional or executive communication is vital in business and in your career.
"Mastering the Art of Communication" program we examine the fundamentals of clear and result driven communication.
We explore your perceptions of your current mode of communication.

Then we validate our findings against best practice bench marks, gaining insight into how others relate
to these perceptions, and vice versa.. You identify your most effective strategies to immediately improve
outcomes through positive verbal and non-verbal communication.

You gain the power to get more results, more exactly, more of the time.
You will be more effective.

You will have a better understanding of your appearance in the eyes and ears of your colleagues.
You will have learned how to clearly convey your messages, intentions and wishes.
You will have a clear picture of how to ensure better understanding of others.
Result: Better team and individual performances through the following drivers:
• Knowledge of basic communication
• Better insight of the basics of clear and result driven communication
• Ask the right question at the right moment
• Be responsible for your actions with a clear rapport with your environment
• Recognize, then deal with yours' and other peoples' emotions
• Make clear agreements with an appreciation of the point of view of others.

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Pillars of NLP Certification

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